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Before my van down by the river -

Updated: Dec 22, 2023

I joined the United States Navy in high school and left for boot camp the next day after the 4th of July.  I served as a quartermaster aboard several submarines in both what are known as the fast attack and boomer worlds.  Halfway through my Naval career, I was selected to be an Officer, through the Enlisted Commissioning Program graduating from Oregon State University with a degree in Political Science and continued to serve the remainder of my career as a Human Resource Officer having positive impacts for the Navy in Reserve Management, Training, and Recruiting. Later in my Naval career I also earned a Master’s in Business Administration concentrating in Finance and retired after 24 years of faithful service to our nation.  It was an honor to weqr the cloth of the nation, and I hope that there is still more I can contribute. In recent years, I have dove into the Emergency Management world with a variety of jobs working with Team Rubicon, Hagerty Consulting, and Acclaro Research Solutions.

Significantly, amidst the demands of work and school, I discovered and married the love of my life, raising two incredible girls named Addison and Madilyn. However, after two decades, my wife and I decided to part ways. I am currently navigating uncharted territories in my personal journey, while my daughters thrive in high school and college.

Three years ago, I embarked on a spontaneous journey, purchasing a van and setting out on a proverbial walkabout across the country for two months. The following year, I extended the tradition by taking my oldest daughter, Addison, on a cross-country trip as she began her first year of college. Once again, this year marks my third two-month drive-about, and I have just returned from another enriching adventure.

Now, I'm pondering......what will 2024 hold?

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