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  • Kirk Hoppe

Politics this day and age

Updated: Dec 20, 2023

Being a Political Science major at Oregon State, I can't help but to talk Politics. In High School, I was catagorized as an Upbeat, Moralist, Enterpriser. I don't think much has changed for me, however, I believe much has changed around me. I've been tempted many times to run for office but have yet to take that plunge.

So here's my platform for that campaign I have yet to start:

Belief in American values and the ideals of democracy. Let us advocate for those that can't advocate for themselves, promote diversity, and champion the worth of all Americans.

Belief in American Values and Democracy:

  • Emphasize the core American values of freedom, equality, and justice for all.

  • Advocate for the preservation of democratic principles, including the protection of individual rights and the rule of law.

  • Promote civic engagement and education to ensure an informed and active citizenry.

  • Stress the urgency of addressing climate change and committing to sustainable practices.

  • Call for investments in working clean energy technologies and initiatives that effectively reduce carbon emissions.

  • Advocate for the protection of endangered species and ecosystems to maintain biodiversity.

  • Expand on the need to eliminate wasteful government spending by promoting transparency and accountability.

  • Highlight the importance of tax reforms that close loopholes and create a fairer tax system.

  • Support policies that prioritize and empower small businesses, fostering innovation and economic growth at the local level.

  • Create a vision for comprehensive and affordable primary healthcare covering the basic needs of all Americans.

  • Advocate for preventative care measures to improve overall public health.

  • Support research and innovation in healthcare to address emerging health challenges.

  • Outline a balanced approach to border protection that combines security with humanitarian values.

  • Call for comprehensive immigration reform that streamlines legal pathways and addresses the root causes of migration.

  • Emphasize the importance of treating immigrants with dignity and respect while ensuring national security.

  • Elaborate on specific measures to restore and strengthen democratic institutions, such as electoral reforms and anti-corruption initiatives.

  • Advocate for increased transparency in government operations to build trust with the public.

  • Support efforts to combat disinformation and safeguard the integrity of elections.

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